This article reminded me: I’ve heard single people have been known to get double, queen and even king-size beds and sprawl over them, “sides” be damned.

I bought myself a double bed too.

But then I spent, what, eight years sleeping on my own most nights (sometimes more, sometimes less, but always most) and NEVER strayed from “my” side, the right.

I’d put on an old episode of “This American Life” before turning the light off – I must have listened to every one at least five times.

I wish I could have pulled it off, but some of us just aren’t cut out for “fierce, triumphant” loneliness. We have to be careful. We fall so easily into that other kind.


Welcome to the end of the end

Things can get discouraging sometimes – the world has so many problems. Think about climate change – will Earth even be habitable in a couple of decades? Is there anything we can do to alter our course?

Is there hope?

Scientists, engineers, and others greater than myself are springing into action, saying “yes” and developing the technologies that just might save the human race.

And me?

I look back, down, to the side, anywhere but forward, trying to absorb what I can of this world in my own small way.

This blog is a record of these meagre efforts: impressions, memories, books, music and (why not?) perfume.

Things seem to move too fast, especially when it looks like it could all be over far too soon. Why not stop for a while and join me in my hopeless quest to make the ephemeral last forever?